Subsidiary Companies

DMCC Europe GmbH (Formerly Borax Morarji (Europe) GmbH).

Focused Research and Development

At DMCC, the internal research and development (R&D) team concentrates on three main areas:

  • Enhancing the production process currently in place
  • Development of new products
  • Updated use of already existent goods

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Indian Government recognizes the R&D division. Only businesses with a sufficient R&D infrastructure, deep technological expertise, and process development skills are given this recognized status.

R&D For Business

In the current competitive environment, DMCC is aware of the value of increasing our collection of intellectual property, and our R&D staff is a vital component in assisting us in creating and patenting new goods. The R&D staff is actively involved in all phases of research, including literature reviews, laboratory and pilot trials, and commercial production. Relevant parties are involved at various phases, like as customers, production workers, marketing team, initiatives teams, environmental and safety employees.  

Engineers and scientists with years of expertise make up the R&D team. They are based in a manufacturing facility and have useful experimental and analytical equipment. This team also oversees pilot plants. Scale-up from the laboratory level is therefore quick. 

Processes that can be operated safely, are commercially feasible, and produce the least amount of waste are developed as a result of the R&D teams responsibility for initial commercial production and transfer to the Manufacturing team.


The major areas of interest for DMCC are ethanol and sulphur chemistry. All of our items are built using techniques created by our internal R&D division. For the following items, we provide process design, engineering packages, procurement support, and plant commissioning:

  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Oleum
  • Single Superphosphate
  • Alumina Sulfate
  • Sulfamic Acid
  • Dimethyl Sulfate
  • Chlorosulfonic Acid


  • High Energy Recovery from waste heat
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Low emissions
  • Complete Automation
  • From 50 TPD to 1350 TPD, DMCC has designed and put into operation over 50 sulphuric acid plants in South Africa, the Middle East, and India.
  • Single Super Phosphate Plants from 50 TPD to 1000 TPD have been designed and put into operation by DMCC.
  • Experience planning, constructing, and running plants.

Customer Manufacturing 

The DMCC has handled dangerous substances for almost 100 years. Customers have approached us as a preferred supplier of custom and toll manufacturing services due to our demonstrated capacity to handle hazardous chemicals safely and ethically. Our wide range of chemical processing tools and process know-how can aid in cost savings and a quicker product development cycle. DMCC performs toll manufacturing (where the client gives raw materials and process specifics) and process development in addition to manufacturing in accordance with specifications provided by customers. The need of maintaining confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements is acknowledged by DMCC.

In order to meet changing client demands and produce low volume, high value goods, DMCC installed multipurpose production facilities in 2005. Continuous processes are the foundation of dedicated manufacturing facilities for regular products, while batch processes are the foundation of multipurpose facilities. For the development of applications and the selling of seeds, kilogramme batches are quickly available. There are several different construction materials, a large temperature range, and a hoover.  There are numerous unit operations that can be performed.

Among the chemical processes that are carried out are:

  • Chlorosulphonation
  • Sulphonation
  • Ethylation
  • Methylation
  • Esterification
  • Major Equipment 
  • 100 ltrs. to 5000 ltrs. GLR with high vacuum distillation facility
  • 500 ltrs to 10000 ltrs. SS-316 Reactor with distillation facility
  • Steam and Oil heating GLR
  • 24 to 48 SS and MSRL centrifuge
  • HCl / SO3 scrubber connected with Glass-lined and SS-316 reactor
  • Chilling Plant
  • Steam ejectors and Vacuum pumps
  • Fluidised Bed Dryers
  • All Glass fractional distillation units
  • PP/MSRL Neutsche Filters
  • SS Sparkler Filters
  • Analytical Facilities
  • High Purity Liquid Chromatograph
  • UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Automatic Karl Fischer Titrator
  • Brookfield Viscometer
  • Auto Titrator
  • Lovibond Nesseleriser with lighting cabinet
  • Turbidity Meter

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