Anti Static Agent
Anti Static Agent, comprising Isethionic Acid Sodium Salt and Sodium Vinyl Sulphonate, stored at room temperature as a high-purity powder. Its chemical formula aids in static charge dissipation, crucial in industrial settings. Poisonous in nature, it finds application across diverse industries for static control, ensuring safety and efficiency in processes.
Dyes and Pesticides Intermediates
Dyes and pesticides intermediates like Para Chloro Thiophenol and Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone have a sharp scent, indicating potency. With 99% purity and powdered form, they resist acids strongly. Crucial in dye and pesticide formulations, they're used widely across industries for their efficacy, driven by specific chemical formulas.
Fragrance Intermediates
Fragrance intermediates, with Acid Resistance and nil moisture content, boast a purity of 99%. Presented in powder form, they are essential in personal and skincare product manufacturing. Their versatile chemical formula ensures stability and quality, making them indispensable in the fragrance industry for creating captivating scents.
Industrial Chemical
Stored at room temperature as a high-purity powder, Industrial Chemical, comprising Benzenesulphonyl Chloride and Benzenesulphonamide, serves as crucial intermediates in pharmaceuticals, dyes, and agrochemicals. Its versatile chemical formula ensures consistent performance in various industrial processes, enhancing efficiency and product quality across pharmaceuticals, textiles, and agriculture.
Insecticide and Pesticide
Insecticides and pesticides, available in powder form, offer controlled release for effective pest management. With purity ranging from 98% to 100%, they are meticulously formulated for various applications. Packaged in barrels, dosages are suggested for optimal results. Widely used in agriculture and pest control industries, they ensure reliable and efficient crop protection.
Paper Chemical
Paper chemicals, in colored powder form, boast high purity and are stored at room temperature. Essential in producing industrial chemicals, organic compounds, and pharmaceutical intermediates, they contribute to diverse applications. Their precise formulation ensures quality output, making them indispensable in the paper and allied industries for efficient production processes.
Pharma Intermediates
Pharma Intermediates, such as Sodium Phenol Sulphonate and Chloro Benzene Sulfonic Acid, are powders with a sharp odor, stored at room temperature with 99% purity. They play vital roles in pharmaceutical synthesis, serving as building blocks for drugs, ensuring high-quality medicines, and contributing to healthcare advancements by adhering to stringent purity standards.
Pigment and Dyes Intermediates
Intermediates such as Diethyl Sulphate and Methyl Benzenesulphonate, vital in pigment and dye creation, boast 99% purity and strong acid resistance as powdered substances. Their role is paramount in enhancing vibrancy and longevity in textiles, paints, and printing by facilitating consistent color formulation across a spectrum of applications.
Synthetic Tanning Agent
Synthetic tanning agents, typically in powder form, with high purity and stored at room temperature, are utilized in industrial applications. Despite their effectiveness, they bear toxicity. Crucial in leather production, they undergo precise formulation to ensure quality output, albeit with caution due to their poisonous nature.

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